Meet the Team

We are a small team of dedicated and highly skilled clinicians. Each therapist/ psychologist has extensive experience spanning over 15 plus years of working both in the NHS and private sector. All of our therapists are fully trained and qualified. Each team member belongs to a recognised professional body such as the UKCP, BACP, BPS, IFT or BABCP.

All our therapists have a current enhanced CRB / DBS.

Katherine Williams

My career started in the NHS and I have worked in the field of Psychological Therapies for the past eighteen years as a CBT Psychotherapist and Registered Mental Health Nurse. I obtained my Masters Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy from Regents College, London. I later trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma from Reading University. My work in the NHS included different inpatient and community settings with older children, adolescents and adults. I specialised in the treatment of eating disorders for many years and led and developed two day care programmes. I very much enjoyed my work in the NHS and it provided me with a vast amount of knowledge and clinical experience. Over the years I have been very fortunate to have great mentors, teachers and supervisors, that have helped me develop my clinical practice and develop the appropriate skills to enable people to overcome their life difficulties. I decided however to move myself into private practice during 2005 and opened my clinic ‘The Therapy Rooms’ in Farnham, Surrey. I was very keen to establish an independent practice that offered quality care and up to date evidence based treatments for young people and adults. I practice CBT,IPT, psychotherapy and counselling for all kinds of life difficulties affecting children, adolescents and adults including depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and relationship difficulties. I also work part time at Surrey University as an associate tutor and supervise therapists in their application of interpersonal therapy (IPT).

Dr. Michael Larcombe

Dr Michael Larcombe is an experienced Clinical Psychologist registered with both the Health Professionals Council (HPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). Dr Larcombe has an NHS background where he developed an expertise in working with children and young people with mental health and / or developmental difficulties within both a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and a Child Development Centre (CDC).

Dr Larcombe provides psychological assessments and psychotherapeutic interventions for children, young people, adults, couples and parents with a range of issues and diifficulties including mental health, developmental, behavioural, emotional and relational. In his therapeutic work Dr Larcombe applies a range of approaches including Person Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Systemic (family) Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Mindfulness. Dr Larcombe has helped children, young people and adults with grief issues, parenting, relationships issues and family stress, autistic spectrum disorders, learning difficulties and physical disabilities and mental health as well as addictions. He is experienced in assessing the holistic needs of clients and their families and providing evidence based intervention within NICE and professional practice guidelines.

Pam Ajimal

Pamela has over 16 years experience in counselling and therapy and specialises in helping people who have suffered from a range of complex and debilitating issues such as trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, abuse (of several kinds), anxiety, depression, bereavement and a range of mood or eating disorders. She has also worked in mental health hospitals over the last nine years, as well as working in bereavement, rape and sexual abuse and drug and alcohol abuse services. This makes her well equipped to deal with the diverse needs of our clients aged from 16yrs and older.

Pamela is BACP Accredited and has a Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as being qualified in EMDR

Petronela Antemia

A qualified BACP counsellor happy to explore with you any difficulties, concerns, struggle or anxiety you may be experiencing in your life. Her formal training is in Humanistic Counselling based on Person-Centred approach. The humanistic approach provides you with an opportunity to explore your self-development, so you have a deeper understanding of who you are and what are are feeling, resulting in improved self-awareness. Her person-centred approach means that she strives to build a collaborative and trusting relationship which will allow you to focus on what is important to you because you are the expert of your life. She will also draw on different modalities such as Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) dependent on your needs and goals.

Petronela works with young people aged 8 and upwards, adults and older people offering face to face counselling, both short and long term. She is experienced in supporting people with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, loss, anger management, PTSD, trauma, low self-esteem, relationship issues, emotional abuse.

Her aim is to offer you a listening ear alongside a safe, empathic and non-judgmental environment to positively support you to explore your needs which can include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, work, family, bereavement or anything else you wish to bring.


Hazel Adams

Psychological and emotional difficulties are something we all experience, at some time in our lives. Life events such as relationship difficulties, health problems and work stress can leave us feeling low, vulnerable and unable to cope and sometimes we need help.

Hazel’s specialism is providing evidence based CBT-interventions and EMDR to help you address your problems.

Her aim is to help you change unhelpful thinking and behaviours, by equipping you with long term coping strategies, to give you control back in your life.

She has extensive experience of assessing and treating common psychological problems such as:

  • Depression
  • General anxiety disorder (excessive worry) (GAD)
  • Health anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobias (driving, spider, vomit, blood and needles)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • School related stress
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Social anxiety
  • Work related stress

Madeleine Johnson

Madeleine specialises in CBT and will help you to understand your current difficulties, and develop skills and techniques to improve your distressing symptoms. She has a warm and empathic approach with all of her clients, and has a number of years of experience working in the NHS with a wide range of people. Madeleine completed her CBT training at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London where she was trained by some of the world’s leading therapists in the field and is accredited by the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

CBT focuses on current symptoms and problems, and provides a structured approach to achieve both recovery and prevent further relapse. It requires active participation from the client to look at current thinking styles and behaviour which is maintaining distress, and then use practical tools to make lasting change.

Madeleine can help with the following:

  • Depression
  • Generalised Anxiety (excessive worrying)
  • Social Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Panic Attacks
  • Health Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Appearance Anxiety/Body Dysmorphia
  • Stress
  • Insomnia


Full BABCP Accreditation, BSc Psychology, Postgrad Cert. Mental Health Advice Work, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

Dr Susie Henley

Dr Susie Henley is a Clinical Psychologist with particular expertise working with people with dementia and their families. After some years working in dementia research, she undertook clinical training and has NHS experience in a range of settings, most recently a specialist centre for dementia diagnosis and treatment, including rare, young-onset and inherited dementias.

Susie offers assessment and intervention for a number of issues that can impact on people with a diagnosis of dementia, including: understanding different types of dementia, help with anxiety, low mood, anger and frustration, coping with relationship changes after diagnosis, and support for partners and family members who find themselves in a caring role. In addition to working with older people with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia, Susie also works with people with less common dementias, including semantic dementia, non-fluent progressive aphasia, logopaenic progressive aphasia, behavioural variant fronto-temporal dementia, Lewy body dementia, posterior cortical atrophy, and inherited (familial) Alzheimer’s disease and fronto-temporal dementia. Susie understands that dementia can affect people in their early mid-life as well as older people, and the impact that this has on them and their families. Susie also works with adults who do not have a dementia diagnosis, but whose memory and thinking may be affected by worry, low mood or current life difficulties.

Susie often works using a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or systemic (family-oriented) approach, with the way of working decided in collaboration with the client during the initial assessment. Susie is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Nicola Boardman

Nicola Boardman has been working as a psychotherapist for nine years and believes that therapy should be an enriching experience as well as providing a pathway to change.

As a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Nicola’s work is underpinned by humanistic values and respect for an individual’s choices. Nicola works with a wide range of personal problems such as low self esteem, loss of motivation and relationship breakdown, and specialises in working with depression and anxiety disorders including social anxiety, eating disorders and OCD. She offers longer term therapy when required.

She is also a qualified and experienced cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) practitioner.

Nicola’s core training is as a Counselling Psychologist and she is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society.

She is also a fully accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), as well as a registered health professional with the HPC.

Victoria Champion

Victoria is a fully qualified integrative counsellor offering therapy to individual clients aged 16+.

Talking to somebody about how you feel can be a very rewarding experience. Whatever it is, anxiety, depression, bereavement or grief, work related stress, relationship issues or just a general sense of malaise, we can talk through it all in a safe, empathic and non judgemental space.

At times we battle with an emotion such as anxiety, or a fear/phobia and we can’t quite put our finger on why? We may be able to see that a pattern of some sort has occurred throughout our lives, mostly within our relationships, but again we don’t understand why.

One of the therapies Victoria offers is EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a form of psychotherapeutic acupressure. By tapping on various pressure points in our body we are able to not only release the issue, but also understand what our core belief is in life, and therefore understand these patterns, this “unknown” anxiety or fear/phobia.

By forming a therapeutic relationship, based on absolute trust, you will work with Victoria at whatever pace you feel most comfortable with. She very much believes that everybody is an individual and the work you do will be unique to your own life events and circumstances.